Sargent Cherry - Prunus sargentii

Fascinating heralds of spring

The leafless shoots of the Sargent cherry become clad in pink blossoms as early as the middle of May. In autumn, it rewards its admirers with blazing red leaves. This low, broad-growing flowering cherry tree is short-lived, but more conspicuous. They were planted in Helsinki as eye-catching focal points during Bengt Schalin's time. In recent years, hundreds of Sargent cherry trees were received as gifts from Japan for Alppipuisto and the Cherry Tree Park at Roihuvuori, where the hanami, or cherry blossom festival, is celebrated in May. In Japan, hanami is the most important public festival during the year, when thousands of people head to the parks for a picnic.

Besides Alppipuisto and the Cherry Tree Park, Sargent cherry trees can be seen on the slope of Mäntymäki, in Mäyräpuisto in Herttoniemi and Mustankivenpuisto in Vuosaari.