Nannyberry - Viburnum lentago 'Jenkki'

The result of Schalin's botanical experiments

The nannyberry is one of the ornamental plants that Bengt Schalin established in Finland. In the 1950s, Schalin planted several species of viburnum by the side of Vauhtitie, and the Nannyberry cultivar called 'Jenkki' ("Yankee") was recently named and put into nursery production in the range of high-quality Finnish FinE plants. The North American Nannyberry is a large shrub or small tree with multiple trunks. Its blossoms are white, and its leaves are a shiny dark green. Its autumn foliage is tinged with pale red. Schalin's original plants are still growing along Vauhtitie. The Nannyberry is also found in the Meilahti arboretum and Aarrepuisto Park in Vesala.