Crab apples - Malus

The cherry trees of the North

Crab apple trees, which blossom for several intoxicating days at the start of summer, substitute in the Finnish climate for cherry trees, which are very common further south but usually not hardy enough in our climate. The city of Helsinki is a pioneer in their use. City Gardener Bengt Schalin created new cultivars himself, and several of these were found among Helsinki's Crab apples in a 2006 survey. Several of these were propagated, and they have been given names such as 'Linnanmäki', 'Kirjailija', 'Rixi' and 'Aamurusko'.

The largest planting of Crab apples is in Isokaari in Lauttasaari, where there are around 130 different trees. There are also old Crab apples on Esplanadi (such as 'Nipissing'), Tähtitorninvuori, Kirjailijanpuisto and the southern slope of Linnanmäki. There are younger Crab apples in many parks.