Lenin Park (Maj-Lis Rosenbröijer 1960)

A secret garden on an isolated cliffside

The young Pekka Jyränkö was a foreman when the bare eastern face of Linnanmäki was made into a garden display area in 1961–62. In 1970, the Lenin Park, named in honour of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin, remained one of Jyränkö's favourite parks and a source of pride. Many Helsinki residents are still unaware of the existence of this park, which is hidden behind Linnanmäki and Kulttuuritalo.

The secret garden-like Lenin Park is small in scale and has a great variety of plant species. Its curving asphalt and slate paths divide the park into sections with surprisingly different atmospheres and landscapes. A stony stream runs across the park and flows into a pool of water. Splendid, already mature walnut trees (Juglans) curve over the pool. There are uncommon trees in the park and a diverse array of low evergreen shrubs. In recent years, a large population of rabbits took a heavy toll on the vegetation.

A park management plan for Lenin Park was drawn up in 2007, and a renewal plan will be completed in 2011.