KISKONPUISTO PARK (Bengt Schalin, 1954)

A typical 1950s pocket park

Kiskonpuisto Park in Ruskeasuo, is a typical 1950s Helsinki neighbourhood park that has been largely preserved as Bengt Schalin designed it. The L-shaped park consists of a garden-style southern part, a playground in the northern part and a sand-surfaced area for ball games in the north-eastern part.

In the bright southern part, there are diverse plantings of trees and shrubs and a gently winding slate path. Many of Schalin's favourite species were planted in this park, such as walnut trees (Juglans), Crab apples (Malus), Spindles (Euonymus), weigelas, deutzias, forsythias and Serviceberries (Amelanchier). Because of the shade and the ageing of the plants, the number of species has declined over the years.

Kiskonpuisto shows many characteristics of Schalin's plans: plenty of flowering plants, a considerate layout and an understanding and consideration of the site and conditions. Typical for the 1950s are small, sheltered, diverse parks or squares with flowering or otherwise colourful individual shrubs, small flowering trees and usually flowerbeds as well. In addition to the main path, through the park or alongside it curves a narrow, often slate-surfaced path with a seating area by it.