There is a desire to ensure plant diversity in parks

The Public Works Department of the City of Helsinki has completed a survey of the plant history of the city's green areas and considered future approaches to plant selection. These findings form the basis of a 2010 publication entitled Guidelines for the use of plants in the green areas of Helsinki ("Helsingin rakennettujen viheralueiden kasvien käytön linjaus" in Finnish) which includes the following five general planks:

  1. Maintaining and developing the plant heritage of Helsinki's parks
  2. Increasing the importance of vegetation in decision-making
  3. Promoting diversity and ecological sustainability
  4. Emphasising liveability and beauty
  5. Focusing on quality, long life and maintainability

Green, flourishing Helsinki in 2050

The Helsinki of the future will be a blossoming city whose green areas will preserve its plant heritage while also bravely trying new plant species. There will be much greater diversity in the street trees than there is now. Species will be chosen carefully, avoiding invasive alien species. High-quality plant material will be planted in the parks, and the plantings will be well looked after because the importance of flourishing plants to the well-being of urban residents will be acknowledged. Helsinki residents and visitors will appreciate the green areas and their diverse flora.

A challenge for city residents as well

The green beauty of the Helsinki will be created by the city and its residents working together. The preservation of plant diversity is a goal for parks and private gardens alike. May Helsinki's rich flora be a source of shared pride that brings joy, health and recreation to everyone.