Juneberry, Snowy Mespilus - Amelanchier lamarckii

Allegheny Serviceberry - Amelanchier laevis

Perfect shrubs

Helsinki's park designers have long appreciated the easy-to-care-for serviceberries with their beautiful blossoms, robustness, long life-span and flaming autumn colour. Bengt Schalin particularly preferred serviceberries, which continue to blossom in nearly all of the parks he designed. These species are quite similar: both are 4–5 m tall bushy shrubs. The Allegheny serviceberry and the Juneberry sweeten the landscape in late May with their exuberant white blossoms, and in the autumn with orange or red leaves. There are a large number of Juneberries growing in Vähäkyrönpuisto Park and along Mäkelänkatu on the edge of the fitness park. They were also planted in the spirit of Schalin in Aarrepuisto Park in Vesala. There are Allegheny serviceberries e.g. in Lenin Park and Thalia Square in North Haaga.