SORSAPUISTO PARK (Bengt Schalin, 1954)

A local park in the heart of Maunula

Sorsapuisto in Maunula blends seamlessly with the apartment buildings designed by architect Viljo Rewell to form a whole that is considered one of the finest examples of post-war Finnish modernism. Thanks to its central location, Sorsapuisto is an important meeting place and the most important park in the Maunula district.

Sorsapuisto is currently markedly wooded. The majority of the trees are original growth: spruce, aspen and birch. In the middle of the park is an oval pond with a fountain. The walkways curve pleasantly. There used to be a number of flowering shrub plantings in Sorsapuisto, but many of them have disappeared due to shade and age. In spite of its slight shabbiness, the park still retains a 1950s atmosphere.

In the next few years, Sorsapuisto will be renewed according to its original design and plant selection.