AARREPUISTO (Matti Liski/Näkymä Oy 2006)

A green treasure for east Helsinki

Aarrepuisto Park in the neighbourhood of Vesala represents Helsinki's park design for the 21st century. The fast-flowing Mellunkylänpuro stream flows past a group of 1980s apartment buildings, widening into small rapids in some places. One of Helsinki's finest, most diverse modern parks has been sited on the slopes of the stream valley. The fundamental idea in planning Aarrepuisto Park was vegetation, which is influenced by the traditions of the late City Gardener Bengt Schalin as well as 21st century visions. Visitors to this park can experience uncommon plants and enjoy the variety of blossoms, autumn colours and foliage. Around a hundred species of trees, shrubs and perennials have been planted on the one-and-a-half hectare site. Aarrepuisto Park was awarded the Environmental Structure of the Year prize in 2008.